Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wines For Mad Men

Tonight's the night Mad Men fans everywhere have been waiting for. The incomparable series highlights cigarette smoking, drinking, cigarette smoking, chauvinism, cigarette smoking, cigarette smoking, drinking, cigarette smoking, sexism, cigarette smoking, feminism, cigarette smoking, adultery, cigarette smoking, swanky 60’s attire with more cigarette smoking and cleverly revolves around the conflicted world of the ridiculously sexy, yet very mysterious Don Draper (notorious ad and ladies man). In honor of skinny ties and creativity, as well as tonight’s season premier of one of the most original shows on TV depicting American society and culture of the 1960s, I’d like to recommend a wine to personify each of the dynamic Mad Men characters…

Don Draper
Don Draper is the aloof, elusive, enigmatic Creative Director and Partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency. Don’s a complicated and secretive man, though his secrets are starting to be revealed. The man is the master of image, adultery and is always perfectly dressed for every occasion. Though Don’s primarily an “Old Fashioned” kind of guy, as a wine, he’s definitely a Pinot Noir… elegant, difficult and challenging, but worth the extra effort.

Betty Draper
Betty is officially Don’s wife though they’re now separated after she discovered her husband’s infidelity and went on to have an affair of her own. She's a former model, exceedingly concerned with appearances and rather proud of her beauty. Betty’s also always impeccably dressed for every occasion, and if she’s anything, she’s a perfectly bubbly Champagne.

Roger Sterling
Roger Sterling is a Partner in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Ad Agency. He smokes and drinks, even though he had two heart attacks—a man clearly in denial. He lives an excessive lifestyle, but is affectionate, indulgent and immature. He’s very into image and “looking the part.” His name is on the building, yet it's unclear what he really does… other than harass the young secretaries. He's lush (I mean, a lush) and often at his best when blended with other wines to produce something even better than when just on his own (i.e. the agency). If Roger where a wine, he’d be a Syrah.

Pete Campbell
Pete Campbell is smart, persistant and determined; he works in Account Management at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Pete’s many things, but mainly he’s also a blackmailer with a plan that backfired. Though I truly like him, I know he’s self centered and furative. No secrets… He makes light of things but is also disciplined, insecure, sneaky, highly impulsive and immature. Pete’s a Beaujoulais if he’s anything.

Joan Harris
Joan Harris is the seductive, cunning and manipulative Office Manager at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She’s very Marilyn Monroe-esque— totally rocking the curves. Joan’s a smooth and silky, seductive Merlot—pretty, fleshy, soft and sensual though complex and easy (to drink) yet—often passed over for something more complex.

Peggy Olson
Peggy’s formerly Don Draper’s ambitious secretary but he promoted her after recognizing her potential and she’s now a Copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She's a bit frumpy—though admittedly working on it—and also perhaps a bit na├»ve. She’s a good girl running a tight ship, but she’s conflicted, she’s a Riesling… is she dry or is she sweet?

The time has finally arrived! Put on your favorite pencil skirt and twinset and raise your best vintage stemware to Don and to tonight’s Mad Men premiere. Until we sip a again…



Ben Simons said...

I actually didn't see this until today. Great job on the pairings! Your pairing for Joan is absolutely perfect! She is nothing if not a curvy Merlot.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, great work! I can't tear myself away from the show, every time I am out, it pulls me back in. Betty Draper is way too bitchy to be a Champagne. I think she's a port, sweet but deadly when there's too much of her.

Sip with Me! said...

Ben, Thanks, gotta love Joan!

Anon: Thanks for your comment. Champagne is so much attitude, which is why I thought of the pairing, but I see the Port similarities! Please come visit again often!!