Friday, July 2, 2010

Erotic Art, 3D Labels and Freedom Rings

My gaze simultaneously melted and froze upon them… wrapped up, tied, knotted up, bound. I walked in the door to the live display by artist Lew Rubens featuring a rope suspension demonstration by two scantilly-clad women wrapped up in various displays of bondage, "interacting" with each other while suspended from 18-foot swings.

These brave women squirmed and writhed their bodies before a crowd of onlookers in an odd combination of grace and freedom juxtaposed against the limiting constraints of the ties that bound them. Independence. A glass of free but tasteless sparkling wine in hand, my mind first wondered why I wasn't drinking Naked Winery or even Hip Chicks Do Wine, what a missed opportunity for them, but then my silly little mind actually wandered (for a moment) to the similarities a winemaker might experience trying to delicately coax the fruit into brilliance, sometimes relying on intuition and instincts even when it goes against the confining and rigid formalities of education and expectation.

Ok, I know, first of all, how in the world do I let myself get dragged into these crazy things? And second, what in the world am I doing thinking about wine at a 3D Erotic Art and Live Bondage Exhibit? Tamara, get your mind out of the cellar. So, get there with me. Forget about the girls all tied up with string like pretty little packages, waiting to be unwrapped as they're swinging before you upside down, legs all awry for just a moment and focus on my words. FOCUS ON MY WORDS… 3D erotic art. The real reason I came. My friend told me about an erotic 3D art exhibit during Portland's First Thursday, and the geeky graphic designer and deep-down naughty girl in me were all but on fire—she neglected to mention the word "bondage." Hmmm. The real irony is we were supposed to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D earlier in the day, but plans fell through and we ended up viewing Bondage 3D art instead. I'm not sure which is better, world-class animation or world class-less art, but it did inspire an idea for a collectible wine label the likes of which I can't believe hasn't ever been done.

I want to design a 3-D wine label. How cool would that be? All I need is a winery who's looking for the most unique label ever imagined. How can I copywrite a concept? I'm picturing Owen Roe's Sinister Hand, actually looking like it's oozing blood. Or Van Duzer with all the godess's hair flying around - or perhaps it's a whole new story, you know how I love new stories. The 3D glasses could be included on the bottle that had contact info as well as a shelf talker. This would blow critter labels out of the water! I am often reminded how stories and inspiration are everywhere, sometimes in the most unexpected places, if we remain open to them, even when it goes against formalities and expectation. Take an example from me this holiday weekend… relax, open your mind, shake loose whatever ties are binding you and just let freedom ring. Until we sip again…



Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Damn.. that sounded like a really cool gallery show.. right up my alley. :)

I can't believe you would drink the wine from the "NOT" hip chicks people.. I'm very open to drinking just about any wine.. but that is the worst plonk I've ever had.. an extreme example of "critter labels"


Ps... Happy Independance day... if you want to thank someone, kiss a Marine!!

Sip with Me! said...

Todd, missed opportunity for them, not me. It wasn't that I was longing for a glass of Hip Chicks (though it still would have been a level up from the free bubbleless bubbles), just thought it was a very edgy crowd they could have been reaching and a seemingly natural promotional fit for either brand. Happy 4th, as you're the only Marine I know, guess I owe you a kiss!!