Monday, June 1, 2015

Yay! Saké Fest PDX returns to Portland on June 25th!

Not just another wine tasting. Not that there's anything wrong with wine tastings, but this is definitely not that. Sakéfest PDX provides lucky guests the unique opportunity to educate themselves on a very tasty subject. Learn what sets saké apart and makes it such a versatile beverage and so very special. Taste something new or just revisit old saké favorites at Sakéfest PDX on June 25th at the Sentinel Hotel in the Governer's Ballroom.

According to saké educator Marcus Pakiser, "Portland is known for its fantastic food and amazing saké selections - Sakéfest combines the best of both, in one room on one very special night. An event not to be missed!"

This year's Sakéfest features a special saké pairing dinner on Wednesday, June 24th. The last saké pairing dinner I attended, the most amazing tempura battered meyer lemons were served. The sweet, salty and tart combination made the saké sing like a soprano, it hit all the high notes. It was one of the most unforgettable and amazing food and beverage pairings I've ever experienced. I wonder what this year's dinner will bring.

Delicious food to complement the saké will be served by The American Local, Saucebox, Smallwares, Yakuza Lounge, Yama Sushi, Noraneko, Hokusei, Bamboo Grove, Biwa, Chizu, Davis Street Tavern, Batch PDX and many more.