Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Inspiration …

Last weekend, while driving home from a summer barbeque with my husband (for some odd reason I often get these flashes of inspiration while in the car), we had a lengthy discussion about the fact that while I've lived mere minutes from the heart of Oregon's wine country for six years, and have worked in the wine industry for at least half that time and love, love, love Oregon Pinots, I've really not visited many local wineries. Can someone really ever visit enough wineries anyway?

Then and there, I decided I would visit every winery's tasting room in Oregon within one year's time. I invite you to join me on this fun and adventurous journey. Maybe it's just another excuse I use to justify my indulgence in and passion for Oregon wine. We'll discover some hidden gems I'm sure, and hopefully learn something about ourselves along the way too.