Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sip with Me Takes on the World!

In either a momentary fit of insanity or a wicked hormonal surge, I’ve decided to ditch my initial mission of trying to visit every Oregon tasting room in a year and have set my sights on an even higher cause. It’s true, I’ve determined that I haven’t given nearly enough of my time, energy or money in this project yet and at this point, I know I just have to step it up. It’s time to stop thinking so small; I’ve been way too locally centralized. At first I thought about tackling one of my neighboring wine states too, California or Washington. But then it occurred to me that I really should be thinking more globally. So, yes, Sip with Me is giving up on Oregon and taking on the world instead!

My new quest will take me to every winery on the planet, and I’ll still be doing it in just a year’s time. Follow me as I journey through each of the wine-producing 50 U.S. states before I’m off to Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Africa and anywhere else wine is being made.

If it sounds like I’m going to be a busy lady this next year, you’re right. But I’ve also decided that averaging five hours of sleep a night is far too much for one person, so dedicated to taste it all, I am willing to sacrifice those hours to the cause too.

Of course traveling around the world is expensive, and without a job my bank accounts aren’t exactly as padded as a fancy push-up bra, but I know it’s just a small challenge to overcome in this wild scheme I’ve hatched. The simple solution occurred to me while searching the job ads on Craigs List… I need to find myself a nice little sugar daddy. So alright, I’m taking applications. Anyone want to take me around the world? I promise lots of crazy times and more great wine to drink than you can ever imagine! To my faithful readers, until we sip again, in France, Italy, Germany, Spain…

Cheers and April fools!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You had me there for a while... I was going to ask what you're husband thought of that sugar daddy concept.


Sip with Me! said...

Thanks Josh, couldn't resist it when the notion sparked. :) Good thing my husband has a great sense of humor!!

6512 and growing said...

Love it! Lets start passing the hat for Tamara!

josh? said...

Nice little April Fools post! Should you take on that larger challenge, I'll join you for Piedmont, Bourgogne, Bordeaux, the finger lake region of upstate New York, and the little German towns along the Mosel.