Thursday, January 5, 2012

Latest List of Top 10 Favorite Oregon Wineries

Please, I beg you.

Quit asking me this question.

Seems whenever someone finds out I’m in the wine industry or hears of my blog, their first question to me invariably is “So, what’s your favorite Oregon winery?” I wonder whether they’re just trying to make polite conversation or trying to avoid doing any research for themselves. While I often say, "Read my blog and find out for yourself," (the word "lazy ass" might occasionally cross my mind but never my lips), I also realize that my post about my favs is also rather dated. So, as a New Year's gift to my handful of readers (and to myself, if it means one less person asks me this annoying question), I give to you my newest compilation of Top 10 Favorite Oregon Wineries. And as evidenced by the fact that my former Top 10 list has practically tied for the most visited page on my blog, (along with this one, but sadly for a whole other reason altogether), I hope the gift is appreciated and enjoyed. While several of the wineries on my previous Top 10 still remain some my all-time favorites (like De Ponte and Lenne), a few new ones have crept onto the list as well… all are well worth the visit.

1.     Colene Clemmens
2.     JK Carriere
3.     Cristom
6.     Solena Grand Cru
7.     Owen Roe
8.     White Rose


Nubian said...

Are we going to visit any of these on my birthday?

Beau said...

Good list! I've been to some, not's my top-list..Not Top 10 because I don't think I have the palate experience across multiple Oregon vintages to definitively say one might be better than the other:
1. Johan
2. Domaine Drouhin Oregon
3. De Ponte
4. White Rose
5. Elk Cove
6. Adelsheim
7. Scott Paul (even though they are assholes at their tasting room)
8. Kramer Vineyards (I had to!)
9. Adea
10. Cathedral Ridge

Pamela Mack said...

Great list. Love your number 1, and you have listed some I haven't found yet. Thanks!

Sip with Me! said...

My Nubian Queen: It's your bday, we go where ever your beautiful heart desires.

My friend Beau, how dare you use my blog to promote your girlfriend's winery and the place where you work, I didn't even do that! :) Thanks for your comments, glad we agree on a few but we'll have to get you out tasting more. As for palate experience, please note this list encompasses more than just the wines and vintaes. Some have made the list because of the location and/or service as well. That said, I think Seven of Hearts should have an honorable mention for great wine and exceptional empassioned service.

Pamack: Thanks for the visit and the comment, please stop by often. It sounds like there might be a wine country excursion in your near future. Please let me know if I can offer any other suggestions.

Beau said...

I could add some more wineries that I've yet to visit but have LOVED their wines:
A.F. Nichols
Evesham Wood
Trisateum (sp?)
Grochau Cellars

So out of your list, I haven't been to a lot of those places..1,2,4,5,7,10. The rest I have been to. White Rose was awesome, I can't wait to go back there. Solena was cool, their wines were solid but didn't wow me like White Rose. Cristom disappointed me when I tasted their 2007's but I want to try their 08's and '10's really badly.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Really like Cristom, and just had Owen Roe stuff for the first time last month. There are so many great places to go in Oregon. I've been meaning to go to White Rose (my wife's been there), but I haven't.

Sip with Me! said...

Andy, good to hear you're being exposed to the good stuff. Visit White Rose, you'll love it. While you're at it, bring a picnic and enjoy the view from the top of the top of the Dundee Hills, it'll make your day!

Unknown said...

Great Post and I am going to add your blog~

I have been to these wineries on your list and I agree that all of them are on my top list as well.

3. Cristom
5. Anne Amie Vineyards
7. Owen Roe
9. Patton Valley Vineyards
10. Soter Vineyards

I will make a point to visit the ones that I have not been to this year.

Some of the wineries that are also on my top list are Lenne, Shea, Canas Feast, Ken Wright, and Erath~

99 Cent Merchandise said...

I say your blog is awesome! Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! lists are fun! I live in Sweden, and don't follow Oregon wines all that closely, for obvious reasons, but here it goes - My own top list would include, in no particular order:

Kelley Fox/Scott Paul
Belle Pente
St Innocent
White Rose
Arterberry Maresh
Patricia Green
Beaux Freres