Monday, March 1, 2010

Ten Things Make Ten Smiles

Kind of like the new version of the chain letter, a few days ago, my dear friend Rachel tagged me in her wonderful blog 6512 and Growing. Rachel usually moves me to tears with her words, so her challenge to list ten things that make me smile was ever more fitting. While the list is hard to keep at 10, these images popped into my head and just thinking about them made the corners of my mouth turn upwards. So, thanks for tagging me and here's my smiles in reverse order!

10. Beautiful gifts from nature.

9. Skinnydipping.
(Did you really think I would post a photo?)

8. Diving through waves in a warm ocean.

7. Dreaming about endless possibilities.

6. Skiing through soft powder.

5. The warm sun on my aching body.
4. My adorable kitties snuggling up together.
3. Shayden being Shayden.
2. My sweet husband making me dinner.
And finally, the thing about to put a big smile on my face right now:
1. A glass of good wine at the end of a busy day.

I'm opting out and choosing not to tag anyone. Does that mean I'll have seven years of bad luck? I sincerely hope not, I've certainly had my share… but if so, bring it on. I'd really love to hear what makes you smile, so please leave a comment before you go. Until we sip again…



Sip with Me! said...

This post hangs over me like a dark cloud? Who is that blogger girl posting about kittie kats and rainbows? Wow, this is so not me and I promise no puppie dog kisses in the future either!! The wine drinking, skinnydipping, wave diving, skiing, sun-worshipping goddess I guess I can own.

Sip with Me! said...

I've decided what REALLY makes me smile is job offers and acceptance letters.