Monday, April 7, 2014

11 Things You'll Never Hear a Wine Lover Say

A wine lover says many things. He or she may talk of laying bottles down, aging wine, wine flights, wine keys or even wine sabers. The following however, are expressions you'll never hear the wineaux in your life utter. 

My list went on and on, but I limited to my favorite Top 11. Please add your own to the comment stream and keep the fun going. Cheers!
  1. I think this glass is too big.
  2. Let me sniff the cork to see if the wine is good.
  3. One corkscrew in my drawer is enough.
  4. Here, let's just use these plastic cups.
  5. The best wines really come from Iowa.
  6. No wine for me thanks, I'd like a Miller Light instead.
  7. Not right now, I think I'll wait for dinner.
  8. God I love Manishewitz.
  9. May I please have glass of Sutter Home?
  10. Really? Wine, on a picnic?
  11. We shouldn't open that bottle, we'll never be able to finish it tonight.


Scott Abernethy said...

I almost always will smell the cork to detect a "corked bottle", but never to tell if the wine is "good" or not! I totally agree with the other 10...

Sip with Me! said...

Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. Funny, but I typically just sniff the wine in my glass to check for cork taint. Is there really enough wine on the cork to get an accurate reading?

Carolyn Manning said...

It's interesting, Sip with Me: the reason a wine tainted with TCA is called "corked" is because the TCA is actually IN the cork. If the cork stinks, the wine will likely have picked it up. I've never had a corked wine where the cork did NOT stink. I HAVE had a stinky cork that managed to avoid infecting the wine.

I'm with Scott: Sniff the cork to see if it has TCA. If the cork is stinky and infected, it will help you convince a skeptical server that the wine is flawed.

Anonymous said...

Well if this isn't an example of "what separates the men from the boys" I don't know what is. Cute list! There are so many more to add.

Tim Wilson said...

I always sniff the cork to look for signs of TCA. As should you.

Sip with Me! said...

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think I'd be taken to task for not being a cork sniffer. This post was just about fun. But in all seriousness, I completely and respectfully disagree with you, Carolyn and Scott. When you smell cork taint, you're not actually smelling TCA, you're smelling how it effects the wine. So unless you're a dog who's been trained to sniff TCA in corks, I suggest you stick with smelling the wine.

Anonymous said...

"I only drink wine after 5pm." #livealittle

Sip with Me! said...

LOVE!! I almost spit my wine out when I read this one. Nice addition, thanks!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to wait a week or two before opening this bottle of wine.. it's travel weary.

O said...

Love the list!

Always sniff the cork, though! Thought of that before I saw the comments!