Monday, June 18, 2012

A Winelovers Guide to Getting Lucky…

Fine wine and great spirits too!

Ok, confession time: It's true, I’ve been feeling oh-so-lucky lately. Almost like providence has finally stepped in to dance with my intention, whispering in each others ear, conspired together to make all my dreams become reality. Romance has made a surprising but exceedingly welcome entrance into my life, and as if that’s not enough, after a year-long search, I’ve gained stable employment again (this time with benefits to boot, yet another stroke of good fortune)! Counting my blessings, I'm never one to look the gift horse in the eye. I'm going to acknowledge its presence, choosing to mount that noble steed and ride on its bare back with the wind blowing through my hair as said horse gallops through the valley of my existence… lest I get trampled.

My recent auspicious state actually brings to mind a few things: Like maybe it’s time to start playing the lottery or visit a casino or try my hand at online poker, but I know the old adage, lucky at cards, unlucky at love. So maybe it’s just time to raise my glass and celebrate with a toast of the perfectly appropriate wine.

While a good bubbly might be the obvious and tasty choice for celebration, I have something a little less conspicuous in mind. Whether you’re like me and have felt good fortune land upon your shoulder like a the warm arm of a dear friend or are trying to invoke the spirit of Lady Luck herself, my recommendation is to fill your glass with Lucky Edition Evolution from Sokol Blosser ($15).

You might be wondering if a wine can really bring you luck. While it probably won’t change your life, it just might become your favorite summer white and make you feel like it has. Lucky Edition Evolution is a delightful blend of nine different varieties of white wine, crisp and bright, exhibiting flavors of peach, lemon-lime and tropical melon. The winery thinks of it like a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe, a charm blessed with positive vibe and good fortune. Forget about keeping your fingers crossed behind your back, that's practically yoga. And that lucky pair of stinky socks with a hole in the toe you’re afraid to wash because they’ll fall apart if you do? Throw them out and invite kismit into the room with a glass of aromatic and refreshing Sokol Blosser Lucky Edition Evolution wine instead. I’ll be here waiting when you thank me.


Portland Charcuterie Project said...

I'll toast to you and your new mounting.. but not with that overpriced plonk.

Congrats on your new gig!!

Sip with Me! said...

Thanks for your toast and your honesty. Love you for that Todd!!

Nubian said...

Beyond thrilled for you. Now send me some of that good mojo. Will be buying a bottle to try (and to see if Todd is right or just misguided)

Cheers to you.

Sip with Me! said...

Thank you for the visit my Nubian Queen and the kind comment. Try a bottle and report back. Though Todd has excellent taste in wine, and I generally trust him implicitly, I think he's missed the boat on this one. $15 isn't what I'd call overpriced by any stretch of the imagination, and it's far from plonk. You be the judge. It might just be the mojo you've been waiting for!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Sokol Blosser's pinot, but I have never developed a taste for Evolution (perhaps worth another try?). But, I must say, I NEVER pass up an opportunity/excuse to open some bubbly!! Like today, for example, it's Wednesday, or maybe Tuesday! Regardless, congratulations on your recent good fortune, may it increase several fold!