Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Tickets to the Northwest Food and Wine Festival

Northwest food and wine lovers LOOK OUT! The food and wine festival to beat all festivals is coming soon to the incomparable Pure Space in Portland's Pearl district. This is one event you don't want to miss, in fact, it's the one you've been waiting all year for! On November 13, from 4-8pm, over 600 wines from Oregon and beyond, in addition to gourmet bites from regional restaurants, will be available to sample in a truly exceptional setting.

Many wineries will be offering special incentives such as case discounts and free shipping. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get all your holiday shopping done early. I know, it's not even October and here I am, trumpeting commercialism, yet facts are facts, the Northwest Food and Wine Festival makes it just too easy to please all the wineauxs on your holiday list. That's my kind of one-stop-shopping!

If you'd like to attend this event, purchase your tickets online OR try to win mine; I have two pairs I intend on sharing with some very lucky readers. Winning them couldn't be much easier, simply leave a comment below with a compelling reason why I should select you. To double your chances (two names in the lucky beret), become a fan on Facebook and leave a comment there as well.
The first winner will be chosen on October 15, good luck!

600 wines is a lot to taste and I trust (hope, hope, hope) you won't get to them all. But here's a mostly up-to-date list of participating wineries so you're sure to make your mark, before you get set and go. Sip with you then!

Airfield Estates
Agate Field Vineyard
AlexEli Vineyard
Alexander Valley Vineyards
Alexandria Nicole Cellars
Ankeny Vineyard Winery
Artisanal Wine Cellars
Barking Frog
Basel Cellars
Beaucanon Estate
Birchfield Winery
Blue Mountain Cider Company
Blue Pirate
Bolla Wines
Brown Box Wines
Buty Winery
Canyons Edge Winery
Carlton Cellars
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Cavu Cellars
Chandler Reach Vineyards
Cerulean Wine
Cottonwood Winery of Oregon
Dalla Vina Wines now Terra Vina Wines
Desert Wind Winery
DiStefano Winery
Dobbes Family Estate
Domaine Napa Wine Company
Duck Pond Cellars
Dukes Family Vineyards
EdenVale Winery
Eola Hills Wine Cellars
Eugene Wine Cellars
Evergreen Vineyards
Fetzer Winery
Firesteed Cellars
Five Star Cellars
Five RiversWinery
Forgeron Cellars
Foris Vineyards Winery
Gilbert Cellars
Gilstrap Brothers Wine Company
Girardet Wine Cellars
Girly Girl Wines
Glen Fiona
Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards and Winery
Hawkins Cellars
Henry Estate
Hoodsport Winery
HV Wines
K Vintners
Kana Winery
Kenwood Vineyards
Kestral Vintners
Kontos Cellars
Laurelwood Brewing Co.
Little Black Dress Wines
Stella Artois
Marshals Winery
Martin & Weyrich Winery
Masset Winery
McCormick Family Vineyard - "Memaloose"
Mercer Wine Estate
Methven Family Vineyards
Michael David Winery
Mount Baker Winery
Mt. Hood Winery
Naked Winery
Namaste Vineyards
Nota Bene Cellars
Pheasant Valley Winery
Pine Ridge Vineyards
Quady North
Quenett Winery
Red Star Tavern
Rex Hill
Ribera Vineyards, LLC
Roza Ridge
Rusty Grape Vineyard
Seven Sisters
Seven of Hearts - Luminus Hills
Silver Lake Winery at Roza Hills
Snake River Winery
Sonoma Cutrer
Springhouse Cellar
Stangeland Vineyards & Winery
Stella Fino Winery
Sweet Valley Wines
Terra Blanca Winery
Terra Vina Wines
Tertulia Cellars
The Pines 1852
The Wine Haven
Beaucanon Estates
Martin & Weyrich
Mt Baker Winery
Airfield Estates
Utopia Vineyard & Winery
Valley of the Moon Winery
Valley View Winery
Vercingetorix - VX Vineyard
Vin duLac
Volcano Vineyards
Walnut City WineWorks
Washington Wine Works
Waving Tree Winery
White Salmon Vineyard
Willamette Valley Vineyards
Willamette Wine Works
Wilridge Winery
Wy'East Vineyards
Youngberg Hills Winery
Zefina Winery - Corus Estates
Zerba Cellars


Ryan said...

Because I don't spend nearly enough time out tasting all these great wines on my days off!

Crotchy said...

You should pick me because I am fabulously awesome! And because I'm still too poor to spend extra money on an event like this. :-(

Lindsay & Cory said...

You should pick me because I could use an awesome gift for my parents 25th anniversary - they love going wine tasting!

Christine Collier said...

Pick me so I have a reason to come back and visit before the holidays! A very good reason at that.

Sherry G said...

With two toddlers at home, my husband and I don't get out much at all. And after dealing with all the screaming and messes, some nice wine would really help relieve the stress :-) Cheers!

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

You should pick me, because since I've backpacked around Mt Rainier and grown this awesome beard, I will definitely class that place up. I may even wear my purple velvet pant suit in honor of the "grape"

Anonymous said...

Because I have never been to a tasting before? :)

Lori Bean said...

Pick me because I had the balls to put Cana's Feast Primitivo on my wine list by the glass!
I've turned so many people on to that wine!

Anonymous said...

Because there is no way you can taste all 600 wines by yourself. You need to enlist some help and I promise I won't spit a single wine out, because that would be wasteful (and I promise I won't drive ).

katie said...

You should pick me because I work in a tasting room and would like a good reason to take a weekend off... I couldn't think of a better reason then food and wine!

Melissa said...

Pick me because I love wine and love finding new wines...also because my husband and I desperately need a date night after the month we've had.

Barbara said...

Because I am old...and have been married nearly 40 years. I need a break! I do love wine, and it looks like a lot of great wineries that I have never tried!

JennaV said...

I used to work in the industry and and after having to move cross country due to my husband's unemployment situation (and subsequent re-employment) I could really appreciate some serious wine-tasting, which I can't afford while we get back on our feet!

Sip with Me! said...

Hey Crotchy, You're fabulously awesome now, cause you just won free tickets to Northwest Food and Wine Festival!! Yay!! Email me and we'll get you set you up. Congratulations!!

Crotchy said...

Yay! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm sad to see you take a step back from your blog, but I wish you the best of luck with your new career. I'll be emailing you shortly. Thanks again! :-)